Design Since 1987

Design Since 1987

New Design - CUBE MONO Games Table

New Design - LUNA G Chair

New Design- LUNA G Chair

Sollands gallery, in the heart of Mayfair, displays a strikingly curated collection of unique art furniture, which bear the signature style of Grazyna Solland, "Gra".

Strong sculptural statements, bold use of colours, and highly innovative and individual designs combining natural wood, lacquer, stainless steel, sterling silver and semi precious stones, together with embroidered leather and luxurious fabrics. Working with both traditional and contemporary methods, together with the attention to detail and exacting quality are a hallmark of Gra's exquisite creations.

It was these exacting requirements and uncompromising standards of workmanship that led to the decision in 2002 to establish Sollands atelier in Norfolk, where a team of highly skilled British craftsmen, with decades of experience, produce the unique pieces of art furniture. The limited editions of the Gra collection are many months in production. The Gra Premier Collection, in which no piece is exactly reproduced, can take up to a year of going through the prototype and production stages.

The gallery also shows a select few collaborative artists which expand our story.

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